Saturday, August 02, 2008

What's The Time In Beijing?

For those watching the Olympics in Beijing over the next few weeks, it's a good idea to get aquainted with the time in Beijing so you can set the VCR, DVD player or alarm clock so you don't miss your favorite events.

What's The Time In Beijing?

Beijing is on China Standard Time or Beijing Time, which is the standard time zone for the whole of China and is:
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)/GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +8 hours.

So even though Shanghai and Beijing are thousands of kilometers apart and would be placed in a different time zone at that distance apart in the USA, in China the time is the same in both cities.

Here are some cities around the world and the number of hours they are ahead or behind Beijing.

Auckland (+4 hours)
Cairo (-6 hours)
Cape Town (-6 hours)
Costa Rica (-14 hours)
Dallas (-14 hours)
Doha (-5 hours)
Dublin (-8 hours)
Hanoi (0)
Kyiv (-6 hours)
Kyoto (+1 hour)
Las Vegas (-16 hours)
Los Angeles (-16 hours)
Madrid (-7 hours)
Mexico (-14 hours)
New York (-11 hours)
Oklahoma City (-14 hours)
Orlando (-11 hours)
Ottawa (-11 hours)
Perth (0)
Philadelphia (-11 hours)
Seoul (+1 hour)
Tokyo (+1 hour)

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