Monday, August 04, 2008

Vacancies in Beijing

Beijing Hotels
Vacancies still exist
Olympic visitors or travelers needing hotel rooms in Beijing during the Olympic Games can rest assured rooms are still available. In fact many hotels are wondering where the rush of visitors is, as they have so many rooms unbooked.
At this point in time people needing rooms should be able to find discounts of 10 to 20% or more off the Olympic room rates.

Many who rely on tourists for their incomes are disappointed at the drop in tourist numbers compared to June last year. There were about 20% fewer overseas visitors to Beijing during June this year and July did not provide a rush of visitors. It seems higher prices and tighter security measures have taken their toll on the number of overseas visitors to the city.

Beijing’s tourism bureau says 78% of rooms in five star hotels are booked while four star hotels are 45% booked.

Travelers wanting to pick up a bargain in a three star hotel will find rooms for 400RMB per night! Four star hotels are offering rooms at 800RMB per night according to the China Daily newspaper.

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