Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nanjing Dong Lu Shanghai

Night scene Shanghai上海南京路

Nanjing Dong Lu is a slightly tacky boulevard that runs from People's Park to the Bund. In the area near the Central Henan Road metro station it is a pedestrian mall, which is a relief from having to cross Shanghai streets.

The street's most famous landmark is Victor Sassoon's Peace Hotel, which is almost to the Bund and currently undergoing renovations.

Other establishments are not nearly as elegant. More typical is the store pictured bottom left. You can get trinkets and cheap gifts for those back home.

A better shopping option is the large Shanghai #1 Department Store, which is catty-corner to People's Park.

A more interesting shopping option is nearby Fuzhou Road, which has small boutiques.

Then , there is the Bund itself for high-end goods.


If you are on the Bund, Nanjing Dong Lu runs into it at the corner where the Peace Hotel is located. If you are coming from other areas, Central Henan Road is the closest metro stop. Exit 3 brings you onto the pedestrian mall.

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