Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pacific Department Store Beijing

Pacific Department Store BeijingLocated on Gongti Beilu, almost opposite Ya Show market in Sanlitun, Pacific Century Plaza is home to Pacific Department Store currently running many discounted prices on all sorts of genuine items in all departments.

Chinese New Year is one of the best times for the Beijing-Visitor to find a bargain in the comfort of air-conditioned shopping centres of Beijing. It is common to find discounts between 30 – 50% on name brands. Festival time is truly festive for shoppers during any festival!

As you walk toward the store from the street don’t be distracted by the opportunity for Starbucks Coffee! Rather, spend an extra few minutes outside and take a look at the large Year of the Rat display designed to celebrate Chinese New Year. Celebrations will continue in Beijing and China until the Lantern Festival.

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