Thursday, December 06, 2007

McDonalds In China

McDonalds is big in China. The Golden Arches are one of the first signs you see when you land at Beijing's Capital Airport.

There are over 660 McDonalds fast food outlets in China and the number is growing fast with 1000 new stores due to open before the Beijing Olympics, which McDonalds sponsors. Many Chinese view the fast food experience as an hygenic, upmarket dining experience.

McDonalds China

KFC and Pizza Hut also have a massive presence in China. There are around 1,200 KFCs and 8000 Pizza Hut outlets presently in the country. A new KFC restaurant opens every other day.

The big US fast food companies have also begun to introduce local flavor in to their menus. McDonald's sells a Vegetable and Seafood Soup for example and decorates its stores in traditional style for the big Chinese holidays.

Listen to a McDonalds TV ad promoting special deals at McDonalds for 6rmb e.g. a leg of crumbed chicken or fruit pies

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