Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ski Season in Beijing

Beijing Skiers prepare to ski!

For some skiers the ski and snowboarding season has started! Others are preparing to strap on their gear and take to the slopes at the end of November when Beijing’s closer ski resorts open.

On November 10 the Wanlong Ski resort at Honghualiang, Chongli Xian, Hebei province some 250 miles from Beijing opened the ski season. It is the closest natural snow ski resort for Beijingers to access. The mountain is 2110 metres with facilities like instructors and equipment all available for hire. Five trails total 7km in length with an average of 140 skiable days.

Honghualiang Chongli Xian
Telephone: 6553-6830, 0313-4617676

Arrange your own transport or book a bus ticket with pickup from San Yuan Qiao on 6553-6830.

For package deals.

Nanshan Ski resort is much closer to Beijing, located in Miyun county some 80km from Beijing. For more details.

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