Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beijing's Yashow Market

Sanlitun Yashow marketYashow Market
Telephone 010-64151726
Address: 58 Gongtibeilu, Chaoyang district

Located on Gongti Beilu in Sanlitun this market is a very well known shopping destination for tourists. One of the attractions of this market is that so many products can be found within this rather large 5 storey market complex. Overall the quality of clothing is good and there is a wide range of popular styles as well as local cultural styles that many people enjoy buying as souvenirs.

While a mixture of products can be found on all floors a general guide would be as follows:
Basement – shoes, gloves, wallets, belts
1st floor - clothing for teenagers and adults
2nd floor - women’s wear
3rd floor - men’s wear
4th floor - children’s wear, curtains and bedding
5th floor - souvenirs, electronic games and jewelry. There is even a food hall for shoppers needing refreshments!

Bargain hard to get a good price on purchases. Remember to take your time and have some idea of what you think is a reasonable price before you start to bargain.

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