Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival Beijing

Mid Autumn Festival also known as The Moon Festival is celebrated from 21st to 27th September this year. In the past it was a time when people entertained themselves making lanterns with their family and friends under the moon as well as preparing food like moon cakes.

Dragon lanternVarious celebrations are being held around Beijing at this time of year. Longtanhu has a series of large scale lanterns made by artists from Sichuan province. Over 20 000 metres of cloth in 20 colours was used to make the huge lanterns. The highlight of the display is a pair of dragons hanging above the water in a way that at night when the moon appears between two dragons as if they are playing with the moon.

To wish someone a happy Mid Autumn Festival say, “Zhong qiu jie!”

8 Longtanhu Lu, Chongwen District
9am to 9.30pm, 21st – 27th September
Price 10 rmb
Telephone: 6714 4336

Traditionally Mid Autumn Festival in northern China is celebrated as a temple festival. A moonlit night at Lugouqiao is one of the famous traditional scenes in old Beijing. Enjoy a view of the moon from the top of the old wall and watch local folk culture performed while tasting various Beijing snack foods. Traditional festival dance, Peking Opera and folk art are among other cultural attractions.

101 Lugouqiaocheng Neijie, Guang’anmen Wai, Fengtai
8.30am – 11pm, 22nd – 26th September

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