Friday, September 21, 2007

Beijing Traffic

As in any big city, traffic around Beijing can be frustrating. The practice of blocking traffic attempting to move along the crowded airport expressway, either to or from the airport, only adds to the frustrations of tens of thousands of people. The blockage means sitting still in a queue of traffic for up to 20 minutes before then joining a far bigger than normal jam using the expressway.

Traffic jam in BeijingObserving this bizarre procedure will show traffic halted on the airport expressway and at all entries, until it is clear of traffic. Finally, a convoy of fast moving cars or buses will go by, with someone obviously more important than the tens of thousands of people attempting to use the expressway. Never mind that these tens of thousands of people are trying to keep the juggernaut of Beijing’s economy operating in one way or another!

One can’t help but wonder at the image this will leave in the minds of Beijing visitors in the lead up to, and during the Olympic Games! Is it possible the expressway will be blocked each time someone deemed as ‘important’ arrives for the Olympic Games?


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