Friday, September 28, 2007

Beijing Cultural Tours

Maliandao Tea ShopPeople visiting Beijing have a growing range of options open to them. This week Xuanwu Bureau of Tourism has started a number of one day packages allowing people to experience more of life in Beijing.

The folk-custom package starts with morning exercises in Taoranting Park where thousands of Beijingers begin their day with taichi or martial arts. The tour continues to Liulichang Antiques and Cultural Street. A visit to a Quanjude Roast Duck restaurant and the Beijing Acrobatics troupe are also included.

Other packages including Peking Opera, Xuannan Cultural Museum, Beijing Tongrentang Medicine Store and Laoshe Teahouse and many other places of cultural interest are available.

Each package costs around 100 rmb. Xuanwu District also offers a ‘travel passport’ giving holders a discount at sites and stores. Contact the information centre on 6353 4583.


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