Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beijing Modern Architecture

Beijing is fortunate to have some fascinating examples of ancient buildings dating back hundreds of years, thus allowing us to have more insight into the history of China, and particularly the life of China's emperors.

However, Beijing is not just famous for its ancient historical buildings such as The Forbidden City and the Great Wall. More recently Beijing has incorporated dynamic examples of modern architecture into its urban landscape.

CNOOP Building

Driving along the east 2nd Ring Road (Dong Er Huan Lu) offers a range of interesting examples of modern architecture surrounded by beautiful roadside landscaping and gardens.

Olympic Media Center

Examples such as the new Poly Plaza building, Beijing Olympics Media Centre and CNOOP building all stand out.

Olympic Garden 2nd Ring Road

If you take the time to walk around the small Olympic Park area (identifiable by its tall gold flame surrounded by a gold ring) you will have opportunities to see these buildings close up, as well as visit a small mosque tucked away behind the small Olympic Park.


Walking further south along the 2nd Ring Road will give you a chance to have a coffee in Starbucks found inside The China Resources Building at No. 8 Jianguomenbei Avenue, on the west side of 2nd Ring Road.


Other interesting buildings include the new Beijing Opera House by French architect Paul Andreu behind the Great Hall of the People. It is a dome shaped building surrounded by a moat of water which you walk under to enter the building.

Olympic Media Center

Finally, another fascinating building would have to be the unfinished CCTV Tower being built on the East Third Ring Road with its leaning towers that will join when finished.

Government office tower

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