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Beijing Carpets Furniture Stoneware and other crafts

Chinese carpets
Carpets, Traditional Chinese furniture, stone ware and other crafts
People with an interest in carpet shopping have an outstanding opportunity to save themselves a lot of time, money and running around if they pay a visit to Xu Antique Carpets. Mr Xu has collected genuinely old carpets from across China and other famous carpet regions of the eastern world including Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kashmir.
Chinese carpets
He has been collecting thousands of these old carpets from around China amassing a collection so famous sellers from Tibet and Xinjiang come to buy their carpets from Xu Antique Carpets to sell in their home regions.

Chinese carpets
Chinese crafts
Meeting Mr Xu will give you the opportunity to talk about his most prized carpet, one previously used by the Dali Lama, now valued at around US$3 000 000. You may even have the chance to enjoy seeing this much prized carpet.

Chinese carpets
If you have your own carpet pattern in mind, take it along and have Mr Xu’s staff weave the carpet for you. Prices vary according to the quality needed, but an example of cost would be 1.8m x 1m for around 3000rmb. Natural fibres and natural dyes are an integral part of production in the Xu carpet factory.

Chinese carpets
Xu’s Antique Carpets will also clean and repair your carpets should you need that sort of service.
Chinese carpetsBeijing crafts

Xu's Antique Carpets can be found south of the city off the south 4th Ring road. It would be best to call and ask someone to tell your taxi driver how to get to this amazing carpet emporium without getting lost.

Chinese craftsChinese crafts

On the same road and area there is a range of traditional wooden furniture shops with some shops also selling some porcelain products.

Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture
These shops are well worth a browse if you have the time where you will see craftsmen carving furniture by hand or machine.

Chinese furnitureChinese furniture

Additionally there are a number of businesses selling traditional stone products like door stones, tables and stools, traditional stone carved lions and the like. The dealers are only too happy to take you into their businesses and homes to show you their treasures.

Chinese craftsChinese crafts

Xu's Antique Carpets
Telephone: (+8610) 5165 0303

Photographs by Russell Uebergang

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