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Art in Dashanzi Factory 798

Art Dashanzi Factory 798 Arts area

Art in this area is not the traditional Chinese painting of brush and ink on paper or silk, rather it is a departure from these traditions that occurred during the 20th century.

Art in the Dashanzi area is innovative and contemporary in style. Art collecting has become a fashionable hobby among many, so there is a quietly, vibrant atmosphere in this area as you browse the galleries or visit the classy cafes.

4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chao Yang District
Telephone: 64379942/3432

Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Bus 915, 918 or 934 will take you from Dongzhimen station.
This is the centre of Beijing’s art community. Factory 798 has galleries, studios, art and book shops, long with restaurants and cafes.
There are many galleries to browse with frequently new exhibits. Gallery names include: Beijing Commune, Marella Gallery, Beijing Tokyo Arts Projects, the Chinese Contemporary, Star Gallery, White Space.

Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Dara Gallery
Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Specific galleries can be contacted as below: 798 Photo Gallery Telephone:
64381784 or 64375284 Open 10am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday 798 Red T Space Telephone:
Open 10am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday 798 Red Gate Gallery Telephone: 65251005
Open 11am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday Beijing Commune Telephone: 86549428
Open 11am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Beijing Tokyo Art Projects (BTAP) Telephone: 84573245
Open 10.30am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday China Art Seasons Telephone: 64311900
Open 11am to 7pm, Tuesday to Sunday Dimensions Art Centre Telephone: 64359665
Open 11am – 7pm, Tuesday to Sunday Marella Gallery Telephone:64334055
Open 10am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday Galleria Continua Telephone: 64361005
Open 11am – 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday New Long March Space Telephone: 64387107
Open 11am – 7pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Graffiti art
Photographer: Russell Uebergang

offiCina Telephone: 64361191
Open noon – 7pm, Tuesday to Sunday Paris Beijing Photo Gallery Telephone: 84599263
Call for opening times or appointments, though it is usually open similar hours
to other galleries. Platform China 798 Project Space Telephone: 64388451
Open 11am – 6pm Star Gallery Telephone: 8456591
Open 11am – 6pm Tang Contemporary Telephone: 64363518/3658
Call for appointment or updated opening times

Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Timezone 8 Editions Telephone: 84560336
Open 10am – 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday Xindong Cheng Space I and III Telephone:
Open 10am – 5pm daily White Space Beijing Telephone: 84562054
Open noon to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday Downtown Art Galleries 89 Promenade Des
Arts Gallery Building D, Room 1010, Langbao Gongyu, Xidawang Lu, Chao Yang District
Telephone: 85999974 or 41059246
Open 3pm – 9pm, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday or by appointment Amelie Art Gallery
Room 505, Apt. 5, China Central Plaza, No 89, Jianguomen, Chao Yang District
Telephone: 65307048
Call for an appointment

Photographer: Russell Uebergang

C5Art 5 Sanlitun Xiwujie, Chao Yang District Telephone: 64603950
Open 10am – 7pm daily Red Gate Gallery Dongbianmen Watchtower, Chongwen District
Telephone: 65251005
Open 10am – 5pm daily Instituto Cervantes A-1 Gongti Nan Lu, Chao Yang District
Telephone: 58799666 Wan Fung Art Gallery 136 Nanchizi Dajie, Dongcheng District
Telephone: 65233320
Open 10am – 5pm daily Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art Changdiancun Xi Lu,
Chao Yang District Telephone: 89524979 Open Monday to Friday by appointment,
1pm – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday

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